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Packaging Details  ORP Meter, 1pc/standard box.
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Yes,Welcome,we especially will do customized logo service.
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If change the logo on the products normally will be 500-1000pcs,if change the package,normally would be above 1000 - 5000pcs.
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Paypal,western union,paypay and confirm order on alibaba accpeted.
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Our delivery time  around 1-15days only,express via DHL ,FEDEX ,TNT, UPS or via air would takes around 5-7days normally,some countries will takes more time base on location.
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Below info you may interested in:
1.Remove the protective cap. Do not be alarmed if white crystals appear around the cap. This is normal with ORP electrodes and they dissolve when rinsed with water.
2.Turn the meter on sliding the switch on the top.
3.Immerse into solution up to the max immersion level.
4.Stir gently and wait until the display stabilizes.
5.After use, switch off ORP meter,, use the water clean the electrode and replace the protective cap.
6.Do not use distilled or deionized water for storage purposes.
7.Large fluctuations in readings could be due to lack of calibration, dry electrode or rundown batteries.
Attention :during 2-3 weeks, put electrodes in 3mol/L KCL solution for 12 hours, to make sure the reading within accuracy. 
Battery replacement:
If calibration can not be performed or the display fades, batteries must be replaced. 
Slide off the battery compartment cover and replace all four 1.5V alkaline batteries, while paying attention to the correct polarity.
Batteries should only be replaced in a non-hazardous area,and using the battery type specified in this instruction manual. 
1.It is waterproof design,with replaceable electrode.
2.If the meter can not be switched on or the display fades. Please check the voltage of power supply(replave the betteries when the voltage is lower than 4-4.5V).
3.Pay attention to the polarity of battery when replacing batteries. 
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