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(Ion Level Guarantee) high ions quantum scalar energy pendant




 Product showing of quantum scalar energy pendant



Specification of quantum scalar energy pendant

Item   quantum scalar energy pendant   
material   lava,tourmaline,Negative ions
Pendant s energy level    6000 to 7000cc
Pendant net Weight   42g
Scalar Energy   Scalar with Negative ion
Color   Black
Box size   12*8*2 cm
OEM service   yes, we can put your Logo on back of pendant
Package   each pendant with card into a gift box


Rubber protector for pendant: 


How does Scalar Energy pendant work?
1. It eliminates the effects of man made frequencies (60 cps) in the human body.
2. Increases energy level of every single cell in the body to the ideal 70 to 90 mili volt.
3. Scalar energy increases the energy covalent level of every single hydrogen atom in the body as confirmed by spectrographs and thus protects DNA from damage.
4. Improves cell wall permeability that facilitates the intake of nutrients into each cell and thus removes toxic elements. 
5. Increases overall body energy level.
6. Cleanses the blood improving chylomicron levels (protein and fat particles floating in the blood) and triglyceride profiles and fibrin patterns.
7. Improves immune function as proven in laboratory studies.
8. Improves mental focus as demonstrated by increased amplitude of EEG frequencies.
9. Balance out the two hemispheres of the brain as measured by EEG tests.
10. Works as an antidepressant since it reduces the uptake of noradrenaline by PC 12 nerve cells.



Health Benefits of quantum scalar energy pendant( The 15 advantages)
1) Reduces Inflammation
2) Enhances Blood Circulation
3) Promotes Unclamping of Cells 
4) Enhances the Detoxification Process
5) Boosts the Immune and Endocrine Systems
6) Has the ability to destroy viruses and bacteria
7)Strengthened Immunities against EMF attacks
8) Restores, increases and Stabilizes Energy
9) Improves cellular Nutrient Absorption 
10) Improved Awareness and Calmness
11) Helps to Protect DNA from damage
12) Helps to retard the Aging process
13) Better Focus and Concentration
14) Reduce effect from Jet lag
15) Helps fight Cancer cells

Applicable human groups of quantum scalar energy pendant 
sports enthusiast; travel buff; patients with cervical spondylosis ; office worker and fatigable group.

Beautiful design of quantum scalar energy pendant

(each energy pendant with rope & authenticity card with serial number into black gift box packing)



Other style of volcanic stone scalar energy pendants


Company informations: 



1. factory direct sale with promotional price 

2. 6000-7000ion energy pendant with guarantee 

3. fastest delivery with large stock products 

4. we provide OEM services for customized your logo on the back side of the pendant, our MOQ is 100boxes.


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