Seamless Alkaline Water Stick

alkaline water stick with first grade quality & beautiful packing 


More details about alkaline water stick:

Item      alkaline water stick       
Material      304 stainless steel 
Bio Element      Tuormaline stone,Maifanite stone,Far infrared stone,negative ball, nano silver powderπ stone,etc..
Styles        big hole; small hole; long hole 
Height        146mm
N.W.         45g
Diameter         17mm
Ph value         8.5-9.5
ORP value         -150 to -200
Color         Original Silver
Function         water treatment
Feature         Eco-Friendly, soften the water
Package         With plastic tube, blister box, or high-garde gift box


Product pics of alkaline water stick showing:

(1) small hole alkaline water stick

(2) Big hole alkaline water stick

(3) long hole alkaline water stick



Detailed pics of alkaline water stick


How to use of the alkaline water stick?

1.Before using, put in a bottle filled with water and shake vigorously for 1 minute and empty.
2.Fill bottle, shake about 10 times, wait 15 minutes. The longer the water sits with the stick submerged, the stronger the ionization and the higher the pH.
3.It is best to drink your ionized water fresh.
4.You may dry the Stick between uses if you wish.
5.Use one stick for a bottle of 500ml. Use two sticks for 1L bottle, or more sticks for faster, stronger ionized drinking water. 
6.Sticks will last about 90 days making 1 liter of water per day. Replace when smelling chlorine again.

alkaline water stick testing pictures showing:

Functions of alkaline water stick:

1.500cc water  PH enhanced to 8.5 and ORP -150 in 10 minutes.

2.Improve the antioxidant effect and immunity, reduce blood sugar, neutral fat and cholesterol effects. 
3.For constipation and high blood pressure patients have good effects.
4.Reduce of drinking alkaline water on gout, muscle pain are also very good results, you can also reduce fatigue.
5.The coordination of growth and development of adolescent boys and girls.
6.Promote blood circulation and body fluids ,help the body eliminate waste and toxins into the body. 
7.Supplemented with calcium-based minerals group, change harmful acid system into alkaline constitution. 
8.Alkaline water can improve human immunity to prevent various diseases.


The Package of alkaline water stick:


The Advantages of alkaline water stick:

All You Need is Filtered Tap or Spring Water!

-Great for Travel!!

-Healthy Water Anytime– The Alkaline Water Stick does NOT Require Electricity.

-Provides you with Alkaline Ionized Water at your Finger Tips.

-Convenient Flat Bottle Design Fits Nicely in Back Pack, luggage, Handbag, and Even in Your Pocket
The Alkaline Water Stick is a portable and healthy drinking water that:
-Tastes great!

-Smaller water molecule clusters - superior hydration

-Lower Surface Tension

-Chlorine Removal Ability

-Active Hydrogen(H2) Rich

-Negative Ionized Water



-Can be used for up to 1 year


Notes :

1. There are several different types of our Alkaline water stick , different quality with differen price ! 


2. Welcome OEM laser your own logo onto the stick ! We are professional experienced manufacturer ! 

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